Street Fighter 6: New information about the World Tour

Street Fighter 6 is one of the most anticipated fighting games of 2020, and if you're as excited about it as we are, then you probably have a lot of questions about what features the game will have. In this article, find out more about some information Cap com announced for their new game-everything from new characters to an in-depth look at the story mode!

Cap com announced various new details about Street Fighter 6 for the Video game Awards 2022. Including information on the immersive single player mode World Tour, four brand-new characters, the start of the pre-orders and the extremely expected worldwide release date on June 2, 2023. All pre-orders from Street Fighter 6 receive alternative colors for the outfits of Chung, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Jury and Ken. In addition, digital pre-orders of the variations for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 receive exclusive content such as 18 special in-game titles or 18 stickers with unique artwork from the launch fighter for individualization of your own profile.


The three editions can be pre-ordered from now on are: Standard Edition (physically/digital)- includes the basic video game with Battling Ground, World Tour, Battle Hub and the 18-member start-up cast Street Fighter 6-Standard Edition-69.99 euros Deluxe Edition (digital)- includes the fundamental video game and the Year 1 Character Pass (includes four characters), colors 3-10 for the attire 1 of all Year 1 characters and a benefit over 4200 Drive tickets for in-game purchases, When purchasing the complete video game and the Year 1 Character Pass, everything at a lower cost than. Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition-94.99 euros Ultimate Edition (digital)- contains the basic video game and the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, which consists of the whole material of the Year 1 Character Pass as well as extra costumes and its alternative colors for the four Year 1 characters, two more stages and a reward of 7700 Drive tickets. Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition-114.99 euros Worldwide Trip mode, players visit various interesting places such as an arena in Italy, a festival in France, a beach in Jamaica and others while they circumnavigate the world and gain from numerous masters. It is even possible to mix and combine special relocations from different masters, so that your own avatar just utilize a Heineken or Sonic Boom in the very same fight, then utilize a spinning bird kick and finally do a yoga flame as long as various inputs will. World Trip also presents the Master Assist, who enables gamers to battle together with a master like BYU by calling them to help in to defend a specific time-a beneficial tool if you satisfy more than one challenger. Last however not least, it is possible to play in mini-games such as karate, smash bottles, enjoy Italian cuisine, parry basket balls and to let off steam.

The mini-games can be played in between the matches in the kind of part-time tasks in order to make money in World Trip mode, with which clothing, food and more can be purchased. Cap com also revealed the next 4 characters, consisting of a returning legend, Dee Jay, and the three newbies Manon, Marisa and JP.

  • Dee Jay-Dee Jay, who first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, is a popular dance music superstar with a burning love for music and fighting. As a returning character in the series, Dee Jay keeps his hallmark moves, which bring the players into the rhythm, such as Air Slasher, Double Rolling So bat, Machine Weapon Upper and Jackknife Maximum while he was brand-new relocations like Just Cool and Weekend Satisfaction includes to his toolbox. Check Out Bathers Beach, Dee Jay's phase in Street Fighter 6, and experiences a beach party complete of life in the middle of the setting sun.
  • Manon-As a supermodel and world champion judo in one, Manon runs over the Catwalk of the street fights to end up being the world's greatest design. Canons Move set is a graceful combination of judo handles and timeless ballet with moves such as Manege More, Reverse, Pas de DEU and many more. You can discover it in Fête Moraine Stage in France, a glowing carnival in the middle of the French skyline.
  • Marisa-Marisa is an up-and-coming jewelry designer from Italy who declares to emerge from ancient Greek warriors. Marisa is a power plan of one character. She utilizes her long limbs to let loose the big however sluggish blows like the devastating Ladies, the defensive counter Sputum, the magnificent Quadriga kick and the almighty goddess of searching. Enjoy the aroma of victory in Colossal, Marisa's phase with ready-to-fight warriors in the background who cheer you on.
  • JP-JP is the head of an international non-profit company that is accountable for numerous effective investment tasks, and the guy behind the existing prosperity of Nay shall. He has a precious feline called Cybele. JP takes control of the entire card from all perspectives with trains such as the powerful, the empty Departure, the clone-inserting Turban, the Embrace manage and the harmful Interdiction. In addition, the Street Fighter RVN6Ack campaign was also announced, in which all gamers of the Street Fighter V: Champ Edition Super Street Fighter II Turbo in the Battle Center appear when Street Fighter 6 appears. All you have to do is develop a Cap com ID and then connect it to the platform on which you play.