The Tower of Fantasy Reveals Simulacrum Lyra, Coming in the Mirafleur Moonshade Update on


Tower of Fantasy is the world's number one role-playing game for mobile. It's designed to be an immersive experience that you won't be able to find anywhere else. With its bright cyberpunk city of Mirror and plethora of imaginative quests, it's a breath of fresh air. That is until December 22nd, when Miracle Moon shade will arrive with much more content, including new areas and activities, as well as new simulacrum Lyra and new game modes!

Gotta Studios open world continues getting exposes for this next huge upgrade, which continues to expand the world and your alternatives for lineup building. Lyra is the most recent simulacrum to get a character video, and she may amaze you. Considered As Ms. Maidens follower, and cold, without much notification paid to her, she has a weapon called Vesper. It looks like a cybernetic arm, and she can utilize it both to deal high damage and to heal.

This big upgrade, officially variation 2.2 for Tower of Fantasy, will likewise bring a number of new game modes and choices, including the upcoming Space Void, and Important Void, which will be a 8v8 battle mode. Gotta Studio will likely be exposing more about the coming content in the coming days, especially since the update is just one week away.

Previously-announced simulacrum Than Lang will likewise be in this new upgrade, signing up with Lyra as the 2 brand-new choices. He'll deal effective lightning elemental damage and hit hard.

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Numerous activities will open up in the update, especially in the brand-new areas located in the city, with interior scenes and interactive content that you can play around in. There's likewise the Aquarian Palace opening up, and the Treasure Garden and Mira moon Street.

Tower of Fantasy's Miracle Moon shade upgrade will be out on December 22nd. The upgrade will broaden the cyberpunk city of Mirror, opening up brand-new locations and activities, brand-new simulacrum Lyra, and brand-new video game modes.