Two Point Campus: Free Winter. The free Two point campus Christmas update is here! Here is all information about the festive content


Two Point Campus is now celebrating Christmas! We are bringing you free festive content like: new missions, Christmas diorama, and special limited edition objects. It's a great time to start earning holiday spirit and win those elusive prizes in our Christmas Mystery box.

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Every student likes a day in the snow! As of today, the complimentary winter season upgrade of Two Point Campus will sprinkle everything with fresh powder snow, embellish the audio halls and provide new in-game objects, outfits and a lot more The gamers can now embellish their school with an entire series of Christmas delicacies, such as Christmas trees, stockings, fairy lights and even Santa Claus sled-completely with reindeer group As if that weren't enough, gamers can do their instructors and good friends with Santa Claus outfits, elf costumes, substantial nanny heads or Krampus... um... let's call it fur Mentioning Krampus: The perilous fabric has actually arrived in 2 Point County to ruin the vacations In the new obstacle mode level Two Point Krampus you have to defend your students prior to this danger damaged by the joyful mood by keeping the holiday state of mind (and the money) as high as possible And that is not the only obstacle that players have to face: If the neighborhood is successful in gathering $1 billion in this brand-new level together, a cool, secret things is triggered 2 Point Studios will pursue the typical progress of the community in the main menu of the game And the very best thing is that all objects, outfits and the level in the challenge mode are also preserved after the occasion, even if you are too busy to celebrate with us All the joyful items even work in the Area Academy DLC from 2 Point Campus, which is now offered for all platforms 2 Point Campus is a charming university management simulator in which the gamers need to guide the university and build campus of their dreams From the style of trendy dorms to the production of decorative courses and gardens, gamers have the flexibility to pimp their campus with brand-new and user-friendly creative tools to build their own pedagogical masterpiece Two point school screenshot galleries for winter update Two Point School is now readily available for PC, PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch Two Point School is likewise readily available in the Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC Game Pass There are two deals in the Xbox Countdown Sale: 2 Point School | Xbox Video Game Pass | 20% ---|---|--- Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition | Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S | 65%.