5 Great Ways To Relive Your Dead Space Remake Memories After You Beat The Game

There is something satisfactory in completing a game, especially one as good as Dead Space Remake, but it's also like saying goodbye to an old friend.


It has to end? The answer is no; In fact, Dead Space Remake has great reputability. Although the credits shot, here are 5 things to do after beating Dead Space Remake.

Repeat in New Game Plus

Image through the reason When you overcome Dead Space Remake, you haven't finished, not really. Okay, maybe you can play it once and ready, but do you have to finish? After your first game, New Game Plus opens for you, which transfers all your weapons, updates and even credits. It is a great opportunity to try the game at a much greater level of difficulty without having to start from scratch. If you are a little more prepared, you can adapt to the difficulty curve much more easily. More importantly, playing Dead Space Remake on New Game Plus is one of the previous requirements to unlock the secret end. And don't dare to pamper you seeing it on YouTube!

Play Dead Space 2 and 3

Games Visceral Image Look, we can't kick cans waiting for motivation to develop a sequel, although developers are interested in exploring more Dead Space. So, it is best to play the sequela of the original game, both Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3 and maybe the original Dead Space, just in case. The good thing is that Dead Space Remake does not move much away from the original in terms of history, so playing sequela should feel natural. Both sequels remain very good, even today, and since both have a decade or more, it does not need the most recent and better hardware. They should serve at least two potatoes, maybe a third to get better shadows.

Win all trophies/achievements

Image through the reason Who does not love a little trophy hunting? There are up to 48 achievements in Dead Space Remake (47 on PC) and you will not be able to obtain them all in your first game. Some are related to difficulty, which is difficult in itself, but some of the most difficult are related to the improvement of weapons and suit. You will not get enough nodes the first time to update each weapon. In addition to that, there is even a trophy related to the secret end of the game, which can only be achieved through New Game Plus, so you will not have a choice but to start over. It is definitely worth it; Dead Space Remake pray that it is played several times since he sits in a comfortable 10 to 15 hours per game, each chapter takes about an hour.

Torture yourself in impossible way

Image through the reason Like the original game, Dead Space Remake presents multiple difficulty configurations, one of which is the impossible way. It is the most punishing and not for heart weak; Only the most skilled survivors take a step forward. In the impossible way, you will have to deal with: A life and a slot to store Without automatic saved Damage against you equal to difficult mode And yes, it is definitely worth it, not only for the rights of bluffing, but you get a new suit, the burnished suit, and a foam gun called Hand Cannon, which is the most powerful weapon of the game.

cheats a friend to play (and look at her twist)

Image through the reason To say that Dead Space Remake is scary is to fall short; It is a heartbreaking experience designed by experts from beginning to end. It is also an excellent story and a brilliant example of good science fiction. Together they have all the reasons to share it with their friends, without knowing it, and seeing them twist in their seat. Look how they frantically point to the limbs of a mesomorph, jump with each noise and the absolute hopelessness that is the hunter. If you manage to convince your friends, and they get to the end, you will have made another fan of Dead Space; We could always use more.

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