Cutting a Pendant Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy: Learn How to Make Complicated Combat Movements for Maximum Efficiency

Most of the time, players may want to eliminate their enemies as soon as possible, but Hogwarts Legacy has found a way to attract players to make complicated movements during combat. You can receive several mourning feats during your trips to the highlands, and you can get one when you face huge magical toads called Dug bogs. If you don't know how to cut a Dug bog hanging on Hogwarts Legacy, this guide will be of great help.

Hogwarts Legacy Slice A Dang bog Dueling Feat Guide

Image credit: avalanche software through You can find many types of Dug bogs in Hogwarts Legacy, such as Great Spine and Cotton grass. Unlike other magical creatures in their vivariums, these huge toads can be very evil and will not hesitate to attack it without prior notice. Fortunately, they usually remain close to bodies of water, so it can avoid them easily keeping them away from the rivers.

These creatures attack mainly throwing themselves towards you as a bullet, but sometimes they also attack their ridiculously long language.


You can complete dueling feat waiting for Dug bog to set the second movement. When the monster opens his mouth a lot, instead of dodging the blow, you can use the devious spell, which will make the Dug bog float. It will only remain there for several seconds, so it must quickly launch and cut the creature. Since Dug bogs prefer to walk in groups, you may have to face at least two of these monsters during a battle. You should try to eliminate other opponents and keep one alive. This should allow you to take your time to complete the challenge and avoid unnecessary damage. After all, it seems that these toads never skip legs and can move like Olympic athletes. That is the end of our guide on how to cut a Dug bog hanging on Hogwarts Legacy. Now you should easily be able to overcome those toads too aggressive and complete the feat of Duel. If you need more help with the game, be sure to consult our articles below. Related Posts Is Professor Fig evil at Hogwarts Legacy? Answered How to hit a calling spider to explode at Hogwarts Legacy How to bury the head of a spider on the floor at Hogwarts Legacy All the locations of the astronomy tables in Hogwarts Legacy Should you let Sebastian take the relic in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered