Exploring All Slay The Spire Characters: An In-Depth Guide To Roguelike Builders' Best Adventure

Easily one of the best Roguelike builders ever gathered, Slay The Spire is a more elegant strategy experience that is both elegant and diabolically designed.


While central history goes to the background and finely refined gameplay leads the load, Megabit has built a capricious fantasy world overflowing with magical relics, strange beasts and brave heroes. For those who have arrived here, they are likely to reflect on the identities of all Slay The Spire characters. Fortunately, you are in the right place. Let's get in details, okay?

Who are all the characters of Slay The Spire, and what are their best cards?

Answered In essence, there are oven main characters in Slay The Spire: Ironclad, The Silent, The Defect and The Watcher, and each one presents their own HP, initial relic and custom card deck that adapts to its specific construction. We will break down each character in more detail below.

The battleship

Image Source: Megabit INITIAL RELICS: Burning Blood, Cuba 6 HP after the fight HP: 80 Better cards: Cachiporra, demon shape, Berserk, Uppercut, shrug, teased, whirlwind, body blow The last soldier of the Ironclads, this blond hair warrior sold his soul to be able to exercise a powerful magic. While Ironclad stands out with constructions of strength, blocking and exhaustion, ultimately, it is an off-road solid that has the largest initial HP group and an effective vulnerable disadvantage card from the beginning (Bash).

The silence

Image Source: Megabit Initial relic: snake ring, steals two additional letters at the beginning of combat HP: 70 Better cards: spectrum shape, adrenaline, harmful gases, backwards, foot game, terror, alchemy, race, corpse explosion, leg sweeping, mortal venom A cunning hunter, the silent is a force to consider. Its unique skills set is largely based on poison attacks, although it can also use as an effective strategy. Meanwhile, the silent also has some solid cards that improve skill, such as foot game.

The defect

Image Source: Megabit INITIAL RELICS: CORRECTED CORE, channel a ray at the beginning of combat HP: 75 Better letters: echo shape, automatic repair, glacier, hologram, beam cell, shock absorber, cold coup, go for the eye, hyperbeam, rainbow A combat automaton, the defect depends largely on its powerful orb technology. Essentially, the defect can use orbs to passively enhance or evoke them to inflict immediate damage to enemies, strengthen their block or generate additional energy. It is not as easy to learn and play as the previous characters, but it is incredibly powerful in the right hands.

The vigilant

Initial relic: pure water, add a miracle at the beginning of combat HP: 72 Better letters: spiritual shield, lesson learned, vault, burst of blows, devotion, judgment, wheel kick, consecrate, crush joints, Deus ex machina, sash whip, prostrate A blind monk who has arrived to inspect the tower, the watchman strengths lie in his ability to scrutinize (see the following cards and discard them if necessary) and retain (keep a letter on his deck at the end of a shift). With its additional ability to enter anger, calm and divinity, it also has the greatest damage potential of any character, but with the problem that enemies can also return twice the amount of damage. The guard is definitely the most challenging character of all Slay The Spire to really dominate.

Who is the best character in Slay The Spire?

Explained Frankly, that is a really difficult question to answer, but I will do my best attempt! In a word, the four characters are totally viable and offer their own letters, relics and unique skills. However, if we had to choose one as a reference character for the new players, we would argue that Ironclad is potentially the easiest to learn and play. On the other hand, it could be said that the most powerful character in the game is the guard with his ability to inflict the triple damage with Divinity, although he is a difficult character to dominate. There you go! Hopefully, this has helped you give you a clue on all Slay The Spire's characters. To get more information, here is news about the next Slay The Spire table game. Or, alternately, feel free to take a look at the links below. Related Posts PS Now will add The Witcher 3 and Slay The Spire to its alignment in June Slay The Spire will have an adaptation of the board game

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