Get a Helping Hand in LoL Patch 13.4 - Riot Looks to Balance Bot Lane Role with Melee Supports

Another Riot dev, Axes, recently suggested making changes in the bot lane need to be the secret to making the other lanes, like the leading lane, more satisfying to play which they were searching for methods to deal with early-game cumulative-- both of which have now been locked in for this upgrade.

It will be intriguing to see how these buffs will affect choice and ban rates and early-game methods when it's released on Feb. 23, per the League patch schedule.

Significantly, recently revamped champ Aurelio Sol has actually been left out of Patch 13.4 for the time being, with Horizon saying Riot is awaiting professional play to make any decisions on him.


The League of Legends Spot 13.4 preview has been exposed, with more than twenty champions receiving changes, which makes it among the seasons most comprehensive spots. According to leading dev Riot Photon, who published today's League sneak peek on Twitter, the planned changes need to help balance varied vs. melee supports in the bot lane.

Essential support items like Antique Shield and Steel Shoulder guards will also be getting enthusiasts in the upcoming spot, which must assist attain Riots ranged vs. melee support objectives. Paired with the fact that Alistair is getting a buff, we might see more of the Minotaur on the Rift over the next couple of weeks.

Other balance tweaks will concentrate on jungle champions and their bathing. Further changes are also scheduled that will focus on growing out of control and champion healing.

While the majority of the nerfs were focused around jungle champions, like Alum and UDR, there's a healthy mix of eleven champions who will be getting buffed, consisting of Hagar, Hogarth, Alistair, HRI, Malachite, Kennel, Diego, Aphelion, Senna, Riven, and Brianna.

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