Marte Olsbu Röiseland Breaks Magdalena Neuner's Biathlon World Cup Record in Oberhof

Norwegian Mate Olsen Roseland has stopped the World Cup record of Germany's biathlon icon Magdalena Neuter. The 32-year-old won the title in the mixed season at the World Cup in Oberon on Wednesday and, like a 9, has twelve World Cup gold medals. Neuter (35), now a mother of triple, has held the record of the ladies given that her resignation in 2012.

For Roseland, the partner of the German women's co-coach Serve Olsen Roseland, it was a strong introduction to the world title fights on the Bernstein after a challenging season. The three-time Beijing Olympic champion was infected with the Coronavirus last March and after that repeatedly complained about different complaints prior to she likewise fell ill with shingles during the preparation in September. She could not compete for several months. The World Cup group winner of the previous season only ran its very first World Cup race at the Polka in early January. Her compatriot Ole Dinar Björndalen with 20 World Cup titles is taped by men.


This is followed by Roseland's colleague Johannes Thingies BO, who made the title in Oberon on Wednesday, and the Frenchman Martin Forbade with 13 World Cup triumphs each.