NCSoft Forays Into Diversity: Introducing Amitoi, A New Way To Play Mobile Games

Historically, Soft is known by designing MMORPG, labor dispersed on PC then also on mobile platforms. In the spring of Planned Last, the South Korean huge however announced its intent to diversify its catalog with projects coming out of the practices of the studio-such as the Task M which must take the type of interactive film, the Project BBS revealed as a Hero RPG collector on mobile, or the Job R presented as a Fight Royale video game on mobile, to name a few. The studio adds a new title to its collection with Puzzle Amino, revealed today through a very first trailer. NCS OFT still provides few details on Puzzle AMI TOI, but the title is presented as a periodic game which Sadness to players of any ages and sapphire on 3 video games of match 3 games (the gamer must associate 3 similar items to do them vanish from the video game board).


To stand out from the variety of comparable titles already available on mobile platforms, NCS OFT adds a directional cross system: the gamer can orient the direction of scrolling challenge associate, at the leading or bottom, on the left or right (at. grateful of wind sense). And classically enough, the player can rely on special challenge use tactically to help him clean a table.

And as today, it is necessary for the players of the video game to improve their licenses (especially through derivative items), Soft incorporates a little character into his video game, Help, who should offer body to the license-it is the character who. Appears in the first trailer for the video game. Undoubtedly, other characters with other capacities are meant to gradually enrich the live engravers. Till Den Find Out More about Puzzle: Amino and NCS OFT diversity jobs, the developer specifies that the game will be introduced worldwide this year, on Android and iOS platforms. Comment. First puzzle trailer: Amino.