SWTOR Hutta Datacron Locations Guide - Find All Hutta Datacrons and Unlock Codex Lore Achievements!

Outta is just available to the Realm intrigue. Republic gamers will not have accessibility to these Dacrons. Each walkthrough segment of the overview always starts with the suggested beginning point on the map and also finishes with the area of the Dacron itself and also the Information Codex Entry.

There are lots of Dacrons spread out throughout both the Republic and also Empire factions in SW TOR. Each Dacron you gather permanently boosts the stats of every personality you have, including new personalities. Every Dacron also unlocks a Codex Entry which unlocks Lore for you to read.


This guide reviews all the Dacrons that you can find in the world Outta. Found in the Hunt Space Market, Outta is the resources of Hunt Room.

  • Outta Blue Mastery Dacron Location
  • Outta Presence Dacron Place
  • Outta Blue Matrix Shard Dacron Location

Dacrons are concealed collectible items in SW TOR that offer an irreversible stat increase to every one of your personalities within your Legacy on a server.

Outta Blue Mastery Dacron Location

Head South adhering to the main roadway, you should cross with an Vocals Village when you pass the Avicii Job Camp. Continue South up until you get to The Bog.

The Blue Mastery Dacron lies southern of Iguana Spaceport in The Bog. The most convenient way to obtain to it is by complying with the course leading southern from the Negros Mart Quick Traveling factor.

Turn Left and you must see a Big Metal Pipeline with a Clinical Android close by once you arrive at the Bog. You need to stroll up the large pipeline to reach the hillside over the Medical Droid.

Once you have walked up the Huge Metal Pipe, climb the initial hillside that has trees, then down to the little course listed below. You can follow the side of the path around until you get to the Dacron.

This Dacron will completely increase your Proficiency with +2. It opens the Galactic History 1 Codex Entry.

Effectively accumulating the Dacron will provide you +2 Proficiency to all characters and the Codex Entrance:

Galactic Background 1-The Designers

Although the Republic has actually existed for millennia, there is evidence to recommend that lengthy before its starting, a very innovative race ruled the galaxy. Referred to as the Architects or Celestials by scholars, these beings possessed amazing technology with the ability of creating or straightening planetary systems. The Cordelia system, as an example, appears to have been artificially built.

In addition to their engineering wonders, it is thought that the Architects seeded the Core Worlds with life-- especially people-- though some quality this to the Takata's Infinite Realm. Despite the evidence of their accomplishments, nonetheless, there is little proof to recommend where the Architects came from or what eventually came to be of them.

These cases would seem extraordinary, but a number of the Designers' machines made it through the ages. The Vulgar system was residence to an enormous Cosmic Generator that might just have been Engineer technology, prior to abuse damaged both the turbine and the Vulgar system itself. The fabled Center point Station is assumed to be an Architect setup, though many varieties have actually claimed it as the work of their very own people.

Outta Existence Dacron Location

This Dacron will permanently boost your Visibility with +2. It opens the Galactic History 2 Codex Entrance.

The Yellow Presence Dacron is located on a small island to the north of The Rust yards. The simplest way to get to it is by adhering to the path leading southern from the Chemical Marsh Quick Travel factor.

As soon as you have jumped onto the 2nd pipeline, run all the way to the Island at the end as well as click the Yellow Dacron to gather it.

Run throughout the top of the Pipe until you reach completion, you need to leap diagonally onto a little joint as well as dive once again onto the next pipe that directs in the direction of the Island. You will certainly have to run with the water back to the Rust yards and also start again if you drop off the pipe.


When you get to the shoreline north of the Rust yards, climb onto the Metal Pipeline that points straight North into the ocean. You must climb the Pipe as you can not get to the Dacron by running to the Island.

Successfully collecting the Dacron will certainly give you +2 Visibility to all personalities and also the Codex Entry:

Galactic History 2-Ancient People

The strange, reptilian CWA, that achieved interstellar traveling via Infinity Gates that permitted them to effectively teleport in between worlds, rose and also inexplicably fell, at some point degenerating into straightforward reptiles. The cephalopod Free likewise reached their apex in this time, creating technological marvels that have seldom been equaled. Ultimately, on the backs of these people would certainly come the Takata and also their Infinite Realm.

In the duration after the mysterious Designers disappeared from the galaxy millennia back, several wonderful civilizations increased in their location. The intellectual Column species developed a huge yet relaxed empire, concentrating on scholastic quests while droids and also fancy machines labored for them. Consequently, the Column developed massive craniums and also small bodies.

Outta Blue Matrix Shard Dacron Place

This means that also though the Dacron is thought about collected for your entire Legacy if you desire to get the Matrix Shard on a different personality you will certainly have to discover the Dacron once again on that personality. This Dacron unlocks the Galactic History 3 Codex Access.

Take the courses up until you reach the Dacron when you enter the Sewage system Tunnels. The Tunnels do not have a straight course to the Dacron as it is blocked by a wall, so you will need to take a trip the long method around to reach it.

Heaven Matrix Shard Dacron remains in the Sewage System Maintenance Tunnels listed below the surface of Outta. There are numerous Sewer Tunnels nonetheless the entry closest to the Dacron lies to the North of the Vocals Work camp Quick Travel Factor.

The Drain Tunnels have lots of Champ level 6-8 enemies, so take care if you are a low degree personality.

Successfully collecting the Matrix Dacron will certainly provide you 1 Blue Matrix Fragment in the Goal Products Tab of your Supply, along with the Codex Entry:

Galactic Background 3-The Battalions of Shell

This means that even though the Dacron is taken into consideration accumulated for your whole Tradition if you desire to obtain the Matrix Fragment on a different character you will have to find the Dacron once again on that personality. This Dacron opens the Galactic Background 3 Codex Access.

In the millennia prior to the founding of the Republic, humans had actually not yet developed spaceflight. One human population-- probably the only one-- was restricted to Coruscate, divided right into thirteen tribes. This nearly shown dreadful when a volcanic eruption caused a near-extinction event, eliminating a big percentage of human life.

Each walkthrough section of the guide constantly starts with the suggested beginning point on the map as well as ends with the location of the Dacron itself and the Information Codex Access.

Jump on to the following when you are done with this world. There are plenty of Dacrons in SW TOR for you to uncover as well as each planet obtains more intriguing and more intricate as you level and also progress up.

This made the humans simple target for the Tang, a gray-skinned varieties that delighted in fight. Awed by the greatness of the eruption's ash cloud, the Tang took the name Warriors of the Darkness, descended on the enduring human beings as well as subjugated them. Progressively the fighting force of the thirteen human people-- referred to as the Battalions of Shell-- summoned a resistance against the Tang.

After years of battle, the Battalions handled to repel the Tang as well as claim their flexibility. Coruscate has been the seat of mankind since.

Each Dacron you gather completely boosts the stats of every character you have, consisting of new characters. Every Dacron additionally opens a Codex Entry which opens Tradition for you to review.