Taking a Closer Look: The Emotional Storytelling of The Last Of Us: Please Hold Onto My Hand

After the deep strike that the death of Bill and Frank provided, Joel and Ellie are once again in the current (fourth) episode of the series The Last of Us on the journey through the apocalyptic U.S.A. On the way to Kansas, the two deepen their friendship through a joke book that Ellie has actually discovered and with whom she wants to make Joel laugh. She still does not tell him about the weapon that she now brings with her and with which she postures in front of a mirror. En route, Joel Ellie also explains what Tommy is all about. Joel's sibling currently has The Last of the United States: Joel and Ellie slowly get utilized to each other. Source: Sky/HBO constantly want to save the world and has therefore joined various groups. After the army and the group, about whom Joel Tess satisfied, Tommy entered into the Fireflies, although Joel is no longer sure whether his sibling still comes from them. That worries him. And he informs Ellie his credo: No matter how hazardous the contaminated ones are, the true risk in the apocalypse is still individuals. How right he can be with it shows when he and Ellie show up in Kansas City

The Last of the United States: ambush in Kansas City.

There you will discover out that a large part of the city is sealed. When a young guy unexpectedly shrieks for aid, Joel battles the automobiles through the streets. Ellie asks if you ought to assist him, however Joel presumes that the calls for help are most likely ambush. It costs Joel and Ellie their car, but at least not their life. While Joel and Ellis are hiding from their brand-new opponents, the viewer learns who is behind the group who wished to eliminate them: particularly a guerrilla force led by a woman called Kathleen. They are on the hunt for 2 individuals called Henry and Sam and not even a hole loaded with contaminated Kathleen can stop bringing them to the track. In the meantime, Joel and Ellie have a pronunciation since Ellie used her pistol to do it, The Last of the United States: Kathleen leads the guerrilla soldiers. Source: Sky/HBO to shoot a man who had actually held Joel on the ground. He decides to at least teach her how to utilize a pistol properly when Joel finds out that it was not the very first person who injured Ellie. The brand-new objective of the two is the suggestion of a 45 flooring high structure so that they can get an introduction and discover an escape of the city. On half of the method Joel leaves the strength and he and Ellie are trying to find a quarter for the night. Here Ellie even handles to make Joel laugh with among her jokes. A few hours later, the two are in mortal danger once again.

Ellie gets up Joel, who finds that the mouths of two pistols are aimed at him and Ellie.


Fans of the games and mindful spectators must already understand who the 2 people are behind. After the previous episode has actually become really emotional, Please Keep My Hand acts primarily as a preparation for the coming repercussions and puts the journey of ellie and joel back into the fore. For the very first time there are no flashbacks, however only a couple of details about Ellie's and Joel's challengers. How this preparatory sequence pays off will be revealed next week. Everybody who understands the template understands that it might be interesting and tragic. To the homepage to the gallery