Complete the From Zero Mission in Destiny 2 - Exploring the City of Neomuna with New and Old Players

The city of Nominal is full of activities for new and old players to participate as the battle against The Witness increases. During your time in Nominal, the newcomer Cloud Spider Nimbus offers you a mission to help you on your level of level. If you are stuck in the Zeroes Search, it is what you need to know about how to complete it and become the hero in which you are destined to be destination 2.

Destiny 2 from Zero Quest Guide (how to get the legendary fusion rifle iterative loop)

Image source: Bungee through Completing from Zero Quest in Destiny 2: Nightfall is relatively simple, although it can take a long time. Next, you will find the steps that you must continue with some tips and tricks so that this four-part mission is easier to complete. One thing to consider before starting this search, the level of power in Nominal is quite high, which means that most of the enemies you find will easily eliminate you. It can be easier to address this search with a partner. That said, this is how from the zero search to play outside: Step 1: Recover supplies of the region's chest supplies in Nominal. There are nine chests in Total in Nominal, and you will only need to find three. Be sure to consult our guide on the locations of the nine regional chests in Nominal, as it will complete this step quickly. Step 2: Participate in activities around Nominal. This could be the slowest part of the search. Essentially, you must complete a variety of public events and discover random chests to advance a bar to complete this step. Public events will give you the greatest progress, but as mentioned, enemies are higher levels of power making this a bit of a slog. Participate in some public events with other guardians, and this step will be easily carried out. Image source: Bungee through Step 3: Travel to ESI Terminal and defeat Shadow Legionary Track. Surprisingly, this part is relatively simple whenever you know where to look. Check out the image above to discover the location of the ESI terminal and follow the way until you meet Shadow Legionary Track.


  • You also travel this same path during one of the campaign missions, so if you think it's familiar, it's because you've been here before!
  • Defeat it will complete this step, just make sure you are ready for a legion of Cabal.
  • Stage 4: Return to Nimbus.
  • After deafening trans, the legionary of the shadows, travels quickly back to Nimbus, and he will give you the legendary fusion rifle iterative loop. That is all you need to know about how to complete the Form Zero mission in Destiny 2. To get more related content, see our section related below. Related Posts
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