Ibai Apologizes and Announces Changes to Koi Super League Team After Playoff Elimination

Source: Hara Amorous (Amazon Gamer) KOI's season in Super League has been a failure. With only four victories in the 15 maps they have played, the tents have been out of playoffs for the first time in their history and there are still three days to be played. The objective now for the team should be as high as possible to add more points for that phase of descent and ascent to Super League of Legends. IAI was very self-critical live and confirmed that there will be changes in the tents, not only at the equipment level, but also in the channel in which the matches that his team play in Super League will be broadcast.

There will be many changes in Super League

IAI, as a visible head of the project on the KOI Twitch channel, openly talking about all the problems and responding to the chat: We have the media, players, knowledge and economic capacity to do it better, and I don't want a top 1, but this has been unacceptable. In recent weeks they have been a mess, said the Basque creator. Regarding this bad image, he continued: Keep doing the same is not possible. This has been very hard because we have not only lost a lot, because we have given a very complicated image of justifying. Here everyone curds a lot and many people follow us, you can't compete. After all these problems he has commented, he confirmed what was an open secret, things will be changed in KOI: There will be changes for summer, many changes, without any doubt. We will make changes again because we do not have Another option is what there is. In the end you are forced to do so, he said hurt and resigned by the situation. Regarding the level, he felt disappointed for bad people. Sometimes when you do interviews, or you have a conception of Roster, it is so difficult to create a team, even if you think everything will work, and it will be the host, until they have not been together for one or two months, you do not see reality. IAI made it clear that his goal is not to win the Super League yes or yes, but that his team can face the best in the competition. Finally, he talked about the issue of Co-Stream, which has not been able to do in recent days due to the Squid Craft 2 and other personal projects, such as evening III. Therefore, they will pass the direct to the KOI channel and in which several of the creators of the team have these records to be in the live commenting the games, such as Even, Bare, Nero, Skin...