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Homesgroup is a source for video games news. We deliver daily exclusive news, insight, and critique to a knowledgeable audience who trust our coverage. Homesgroup strives to be the ultimate destination for gamers by providing them with the latest industry developments, opinions, and analyses on all things game-related. Homesgroup was founded in 2010 because we wanted to share our expertise in video games with an audience who cared about hearing the same thing we did. We're now reaching over 8 million people per month worldwide via our website, podcast, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.

Every day we share the latest games and accessories being released. Our experienced team of news, reviews, and leads editors specialize in delivering high-quality coverage, but with a unique perspective that connects with our audience - We're gamers too! We're not just another gaming website! We work hard to create original content, including video interviews, reviews, features, stories, and more that are timely and relevant to you. We also have live streams on weekday mornings which is an hour-long broadcast featuring industry insiders who could help your game or accessories along their way.

At Homesgroup, we are committed to providing a reliable source of video game news. Our team brings years of journalistic experience and a passion for games to the table, ensuring that our audience is informed and engaged in their favorite media. We take pride in breaking big stories with exclusive content, such as Sony's cancellation plans for the PS Vita game system. When it comes to focusing on the latest video game industry news and analysis, many other websites don't have what it takes. That's why we launched in early 2015 by offering authoritative coverage on games like Destiny and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. At Homesgroup, we believe that knowing about the latest developments in gaming is just as crucial as playing them-- so stay tuned for more future exciting announcements!